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Know Your Character: http://worddreams.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/know-your-character/

The Latest

I have completed my first draft of “The Mouth” (a Drama/Comedy). Rewrites are soon to come. Since I want to be branded as an Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre writer, “The Mouth” will be used as a writing sample to showcase my storytelling and character work skills. I am currently developing my next feature spec script; an exhilarating Sci-Fi/Adventure potential franchise titled “Micro”.

What domains would you create if you had a mind like mine?

What is the Creator of Domains currently constructing?

I am currently hard at work on three Domains:

  • I am writing a comical Drama spec script titled “The Mouth” about a timid, poor teenage boy with a love for the spoken word who seeks out an unorthodox ex-professor to train him in the art of word warfare so he can enter a cutthroat, off-the-wall debate competition with a $150,000 grand prize;
  • I am working with two wonderful producers who will be producing a script I was hired to adapt from a novel titled “Dead On” (“Dead On” novel by Robert W. Walker: http://www.amazon.com/Robert-W.-Walker/e/B000APAUAU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_7?qid=1360523325&sr=1-7);
  • Lastly, I am developing my next project; an epic spec script.

Building worlds and creating domains is not easy, but that’s my problem.

Who is Maurice Vaughan? What is the Creator of Domains?

  • Who is Maurice Vaughan?

Maurice is an experienced screenwriter and the Creator of Domains.

  • What is the Creator of Domains?

The Creator of Domains is the elusive being inside the mind of Maurice that creates worlds and the characters that occupy and disrupt them.

  • What type of writer is Maurice/the Creator of Domains?

They are branded as an Adventure and Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer. The story world in each of their stories is created 100% from scratch. That means every screenplay is set in a world completely thought up by the mind of Maurice. You will not see any familiar worlds in any of their screenplays (ah, the power of imagination).

I am the Creator of Domains. Fear me, but love my creations!