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I have completed my first draft of “The Mouth” (a Drama/Comedy). Rewrites are soon to come. Since I want to be branded as an Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre writer, “The Mouth” will be used as a writing sample to showcase my storytelling and character work skills. I am currently developing my next feature spec script; an exhilarating Sci-Fi/Adventure potential franchise titled “Micro”.

What domains would you create if you had a mind like mine?


About Maurice Vaughan

Maurice Vaughan - Experienced screenwriter. The key genres he writes are Adventure and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The world in every story he writes is created 100% from scratch.

2 responses to “The Latest

  1. kanundra ⋅

    World building and creating is such fun. 🙂 I love it too. Keep on writing. 🙂

    • Screenwriter Maurice Vaughan ⋅

      My current script calls for me to fully develop five different worlds for the story. Development overload! But as you said, world building is fun. There’s nothing like it. As writers we’re architects in our own right. Happy weekend writing.

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