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A Writer’s Relief Op-Ed: Using Our Gifts In Times of Crisis: http://www.writersrelief.com/blog/2013/04/using-our-gifts-in-times-of-crisis/


The Reason I Write [Create]

There are 3 reasons I write: 1) It’s an escape/it’s fun to do 2) Through my characters I can live out many different lives besides my own, and I can do things I’ve never been able to do or will be able to do 3) Because things in this twisted, barbarous world piss me off, so writing allows me to vent and protest my frustrations and bring awareness to things overlooked.

The Latest

I have completed my first draft of “The Mouth” (a Drama/Comedy). Rewrites are soon to come. Since I want to be branded as an Adventure/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre writer, “The Mouth” will be used as a writing sample to showcase my storytelling and character work skills. I am currently developing my next feature spec script; an exhilarating Sci-Fi/Adventure potential franchise titled “Micro”.

What domains would you create if you had a mind like mine?

What is the Creator of Domains currently constructing?

I am currently hard at work on three Domains:

  • I am writing a comical Drama spec script titled “The Mouth” about a timid, poor teenage boy with a love for the spoken word who seeks out an unorthodox ex-professor to train him in the art of word warfare so he can enter a cutthroat, off-the-wall debate competition with a $150,000 grand prize;
  • I am working with two wonderful producers who will be producing a script I was hired to adapt from a novel titled “Dead On” (“Dead On” novel by Robert W. Walker: http://www.amazon.com/Robert-W.-Walker/e/B000APAUAU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_7?qid=1360523325&sr=1-7);
  • Lastly, I am developing my next project; an epic spec script.

Building worlds and creating domains is not easy, but that’s my problem.

Who is Maurice Vaughan? What is the Creator of Domains?

  • Who is Maurice Vaughan?

Maurice is an experienced screenwriter and the Creator of Domains.

  • What is the Creator of Domains?

The Creator of Domains is the elusive being inside the mind of Maurice that creates worlds and the characters that occupy and disrupt them.

  • What type of writer is Maurice/the Creator of Domains?

They are branded as an Adventure and Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer. The story world in each of their stories is created 100% from scratch. That means every screenplay is set in a world completely thought up by the mind of Maurice. You will not see any familiar worlds in any of their screenplays (ah, the power of imagination).

I am the Creator of Domains. Fear me, but love my creations!